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Susheel Varma, BSE MSc Ph.D MBA FBCS

Welcome! I’m Susheel Varma, a visionary leader in the realm of technology with a deep-seated passion for improving the human condition through strategic digital innovation and public service. With a career spanning various sectors including healthcare, academia, and the public sector, my journey has been driven by the ambition to leverage technology for impactful changes in peoples lives.

As the Head of Artificial Intelligence and Data Science at the Information Commissioner’s Office, I’ve been at the forefront of developing and implementing cutting-edge technology and AI regulations, skillfully balancing technological advancements with critical considerations in data privacy and ethical AI use. My approach marries strategic foresight with hands-on leadership, enabling me to navigate complex technology landscapes and manage large-scale, international projects effectively.

Previously, as the Chief Technology Officer at Health Data Research UK, I led the digital, data, and technology strategy, playing a pivotal role in transforming health data research across the UK. I spearheaded initiatives like the Health Data Research Innovation Gateway, Trusted Research Environments (TREs) and the National Cohort Discovery Service, significantly advancing the interoperability and secure data sharing across the health and research sectors. In my previous roles at EMBL-EBI and ELIXIR, led an international portfolio of data science projects in multiple jurisdictions and research infrastructures - EMBL, ELIXIR, EOSC and GA4GH.

My educational journey has been equally enriching. I hold an Executive MBA specializing in the Management of Research Infrastructures, and a Doctor of Philosophy in Computational Systems Biology from the University of Sheffield. This blend of management and technical education has been the cornerstone of my ability to drive innovation at the intersection of technology, healthcare, and public sector services. I have been fortunate to be elected Fellow of the British Computer Society for my career contributions to developing innovative solutions at the intersection of academia, healthcare and technology.

At the core of my professional ethos is the belief in the transformative power of technology. Whether it’s developing federated data ecosystems, architecting API-based cloud infrastructures, or setting new benchmarks in regulatory frameworks, my goal has always been to strategically create an ecosystem that can enable innovative solutions that not only support but profoundly enhance people outcomes and productivity. I have a broad operating range, from high-level thought leadership to in-depth expertise in managing, developing, integrating, testing and maintaining innovations by cultivating high-performing teams to deliver across domains.

Thank you for visiting my website. I am enthusiastic about connecting with like-minded professionals, collaborators, and organisations who share my passion for making a difference in the world of healthcare technology.

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